Sometimes, when you’ve had a hard week, all you want to do on a Friday is get out on the dot and grab a drink (or some) and we have the perfect place for you here at The Wheatsheaf.

Be it a quick pint on to decompress from the working week, emotional leaving drinks or simply bunking off early to the pub, most of us have enjoyed Friday afternoon drinks with colleagues and, surprisingly, research has shown that businesses benefit from those occasions because conversation gives life to ideas, and ideas are what makes businesses tick.

At The Wheatsheaf we also enjoy Friday drinks so come along and chill with us! And to help you wind down we have:

  • Special offers on bottles of wine and Prosecco
  • Free food; enjoy a bowl of fries, some sausage rolls, mini burgers or garlic bread and more. We vary the food regularly so there’s often something new to try.
  • Simply, a great pub!

Business Celebrations
If your business has something to celebrate, maybe a sales target exceeded or a new contract, let us know and we will make your Friday after-work a little more special.

Great send off’s for those leaving their job
If someone is leaving and you want something special, or the use of our party room, please just ask

Birthdays and other special occasions
Want to organise a surprise for a colleague? Simply contact us and we will help to make the celebration special.

Did you know…

  • Interestingly, the professions where one would most hope that practitioners had their wits about them – medicine, flying airplanes, plunging the world into financial crisis through your own greed and stupidity – are the ones that seem to enjoy a Friday in the pub the most.
  • Friday after-work drinks date back as long as pubs themselves do
  • Jeremy Corbyn has called for a ban on after-work drinks events because they “discriminate against mothers”.
    Have you ever heard the likes?!