The Wheatsheaf Quiz is a little different! You could WIN BIG!

  • A £1 entry fee per person
  • A maximum of four persons per team
  • The winning team will take home half of the nights entry fees
  • The other half of the entry fees will go into our Sticky Pot

The winning team have the opportunity to play Stick or Twist with each correct answer winning them 25% of the sticky pot. Here’s how it works:

  • Wining teams might as well have a go at the first stick or twist question as they have nothing to lose.
  • If they answer correctly they choose to stick or twist.
  • If the team chooses to stick they go home with 25% of the sticky pot.
  • If the team chooses to twist they are then gambling their 25% as if they give an incorrect answer they only go home with their quiz win.
  • Of course a correct second answer will win them another 25% of the sticky pot
  • And so it goes on to a maximum of four stick or twist questions.

We have had this quiz format previously and at one stage the sticky pot grew to over £400 before a team won it. They were, as you can imagine, overjoyed!

Come along to our quiz night and enjoy a great fun night out.

Oh, and we offer a free supper at the end of the night!