Originally built as a private residence around 100 years ago, The Breeze Hill has been much altered over the years, signs of alteration being clearly visible inside, including some super-deep internal walls, obviously the external stone walls of the original building.

Many locals recall memories of two or three different layouts inside the building and from those memories we know that, for instance, the main bar has been moved and is probably now in its third or fourth position.

Many flat-roof extensions have been added which now accommodate some of our bar seating areas, pool room, restaurant/function suite and our main kitchen. A recently added extension houses our food dry store and walk-in fridge.

During some recent groundwork in our rear garden we discovered remnants of old brick walls; history lost and sadly forgotten but somehow waiting for what could become an interesting archaeological exploration in the future.

A ‘proper pub’ lives and breaths as we do. A special place where people can come together to enjoy a warm welcome, the company of others, a beer or wine, good food and a wonderful atmosphere.

The Breeze Hill is one of those proper pubs!